The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Well, today I am in pain…again. Jeez I had both knockers taken off, so that’s bound to happen. I did get some really good news though! yeah!

FYI-when nurses call and say they have results its a good thing. They are not the ones to tell you the bad stuff. If they say “the doctor wants to see you at 4:30” …. uhhh ohh. You are in deep doo doo.

So, my favorite Nurse Krisitn called and said my pathology results were in. Please remember a few months ago I had to google what “pathology” even meant πŸ™‚ haha . Since I left the hospital it felt as though my armpit was on fire. Today I found out why πŸ™‚ 15 lymph nodes were taken out and all came back negative.!!!! My oncologist said if it came back negative I wouldn’t need Radiation….so that’s a great thing!

I also showed no margins ( any areas where cancer cells may remain) after the mastectomy. The were there after the lumpectomy, but now they are gone! I also got some new meds, so that helps too tonight.

As I say all this I should have a huge smile on my face…. but I
don’t. Today was bandage change day. I stood there naked infront of my husband with my hands out holding my drains till it was all over. It was horrible, every single minute of it. Whatever use to be there , under my camisole… no longer was.

Just another day of living with cancer. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

oh yes something good for John…. I don’t need Radiation! yeah πŸ™‚

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