Well, I took a bunch of notes today about all the things I wanted to
talk about. Sadly at 2am I’m just not thinking clearly. I asked for my SIL’s help today working on the website, but also something a bit more special. I wanted to send out a picture and a small paragraph that would grab their attention!

I wanted to post it on every single facebok friend/business I know on facbook…. and boy oh boy did that take awhile. Not only will it eventually lead them back to my website, it will
also make it clear to them that no one can hide from cancer. To please keep all appointments for mammos etc., but also to check on your own every month after. If I didn’t do this…it would have cost me my life.

I promise after more sleep I will have more to say. I will end with what I sent to everyone I care about:

I am 32 years old and found a lump on my breast during a self-exam. This was only months after a routine doctors office breast exam showed nothing. Please remind the ones you love to do their self-exams every single month.I believe it saved my life! Here is a link to follow my journey :


So “PLEASE”share this on your timeline to remind all the wonderful people in your life to self-check. Awareness!


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