Lots on my mind!

ImageSo, it’s been a few days since I had time to post. WOW! Is everything going by fast. I have had so many nice people reach out to me to help I am starting to forget who to thank for what. I’ve had flowers, and food, and cards, gifts, help with my kids and so on and so forth. Everything is just so nice.

For those who don’t know me too well, I grew up in St. Louis. I met John Marc when he was in Graduate School and we moved to Rolla when Kaylee was almost three. She turns 10 in 6 days! I didn’t really know any neighbors there .I didn’t care about the people checking me out at Shop n Save, and I could care less about the mailman or the UPS guy. But, when you move to a smaller town something changes. I’m not sure what it is, but it’s not found everywhere you go.

Rolla has “It”… whatever “It” is.

Everyone here wants to help you. They genuinely care about you and your family and their needs. I wasn’t used to that, but now I love it. My husband works at the hospital here at PCRMC. I am choosing to do all my care from start to finish here. Not because I feel like I have to in any way, but because I want to. I trust these people. They are more than surgeons, and physicians, and radiologists…they are friends to us. I looked into each of their eyes before each procedure and I knew I would beat cancer. J

Today I got some info on Chemo that scared the crap out of me. My first treatment is February 20, 2013…a day that will for sure be burned into my brain for eternity. I asked the dumbest question ever when she called… “So, how long is the chemo appointment?” She says… “atleast 4 hours.” WHAT????????????? What the hell am I doing for 4 stinking hours? I can’t possibly be that sick right? There is no way at 32 years old I need someone to inject me with poison for that many hours. DAMN….I’m not trying to turn into the Incredible Hulk!

Tomorrow I will update my list of treatment days so everyone knows. I will also update on when the big “head shave” will happen. I decided to sort of do it in steps…so you’ll see.

This Saturday is the Cancer Gala. They have it every year, but I usually get out of it because Kaylees birthday is the next day and I make some sort of excuse. 😉 haha. I know they probably do a lot of great things, but it’s a Saturday. I want to wear pajamas all day…not high heels. So this year I am going. What a bit of Serendipidity that I am going as an actual Cancer Patient this year??? Who would have thought that? I bought a black dress (I’m still in mourning right??) and even had the owner of the company personally call me and tell me how brave I was and wanted to send me something free. See??? The world is a good place after all 🙂

I have had a few people message me about donations and I really didn’t know what to say. I know there will be expenses coming up, I’m just not sure what they are yet. I thought I would attach a link for the ones who were asking, and the other please just skip this part;) I make jokes that I hope the Ellen show, or someone one day will see my website and give me the greatest gift of all. One Week. One magical week with all my family on both sides to get together and have a blast at the beach. Usually when you get married it is hard to get the whole family together on all sides and ours is about 20 people or so! Lol Time to be a family, and time to slow down and enjoy each other. I will attach the greatest photo I have ever taken of my kids. It was the moment their feet touched the sand for the first time ever. God is Good.

Thank you and God Bless. Oh, and big news coming tomorrow! Stay Tuned




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