It’s Time to Start this Journey !

Well, my latest update I will wait to update till I am at the hair salon and away from John. I told him at 11:30 I was going to get my hair colored and curled for the Cancer Gala tonight. What I didn’t say, is I was getting it all cut off today too.

I tried to think of the least scariest way to remove my hair before Chemo without scaring my girls to death. So, a few days ago I decided today I would get it mostly cut off, and when the remainding few inches fell out, then we would shave it and it would be less tramatic. But, as I sit here I sort of want to puke!

I’ve already losts my breasts and feel like that was almost punishment enough. Losing my hair too…that’s just plain cruel.

But, it is…what it is:) In a few minutes I am going to wash my shoulder length hair. Put in my favorite 1970’s hair curlers I got at the Goodwill years ago, and look at myself for a few more hours and probably just cry.

This was me…and this chapter is about to end. The silver lining is my best friend since I moved to Rolla is cutting it. Her name is Ashley Tichenor and we have been through it all together. Happiness, joy, laughs, boyfriends, tears, saddness, love…and then this. Whatever this is.

But, above all else, I trust her. She will make me beautiful no matter what, and I wouldn’t trust anyone else in the world more than her. I will take picture today to update 🙂 Hugs and Kisses








One thought on “It’s Time to Start this Journey !

  1. Shuree February 9, 2013 at 6:55 pm Reply

    Thinking of you! And you will look beautiful no matter what! 🙂

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