Shave or not to shave?

Shave or not to shave?

So today, while laying in the tub I had an epiphany. Looking at my legs…do I shave or not shave? Ever since my surgery shaving hasn’t been top priority…but in my head all I hear is “Damn Jen you can hang Christmas ornaments on those things.” 😉 So do I wait for the chemo to take that hair too? I really have no clue at all. Remember, I have done no research on cancer yet..and this is no exception. I asked my doctor what are chances I will lose my hair and he says “100%” Now, I do like to gamble occasionally, but those odds seem a bit strong. What I forgot to ask is when? and where first and last? I was thinking my wig is good for my head…but I can’t wear press on eyebrows! lol So, I will do what I have always done. I will blog and write each day as it is given to me. Anyone that reads this will learn everything the day I learn it as well.

Why is it that my hair is what I’m thinking of? I have CANCER! at 32 years old and my brain in thinking “oh no, I hope I don’t lose my hair.” How crazy am I? I guess growing up I was never the prettiest. Or the thinnest. Or any other things.. but I have thick dark Italian hair and I can rock a headband like no other! Maybe it was a part of me I was never self-conscience about…and now I’m about to be. Oh well…The mind takes you all over the place late at night;)

My end on a good note: John I shaved my legs:) you’re welcome.

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