starting to set in…and not in a good way

As my kids just left with John for taekwondo, my heart broke. Even on my off weeks of chemo I may still feel like shit and not be able to do things??? what the hell?? I don’t even get a break for one day and seem like a normal person. Although as I sit here with no breasts at 32, how in the world can I mumble the words “normal person?”

I am upset. That was my job! That was my duty! Then cancer comes and ruins my entire life. I can’t do the things I use to, and can’t be around the people I use to. Seems unfair to me. This is 4 months of hell, maybe more and it seems like a lifetime. Life is precious and I feel as though I am missing special days and moments with my kids. I don’t need a reminder to thank the Lord everyday I wake up…but some days it’s not easy to see through the fog of cancer. Damn. 😦

My good moment: John I love you for all that you are, and all you continue to be. Thank you for stepping up and being a good husband and dad. 🙂20130226-183931.jpg20130226-183940.jpg


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