Can’t I catch a break? damn

It may seem mundane and stupid but I just got done crying my eyes out. My dad came to town to get my mom and bring her home until my next chemo Wed. He was so sweet to bring me my favorite item to eat in the whole wide world!!!! NOTHING IS BETTER THAN A CANNOLI! So hear he comes with a whole bunch and lays them on my counter. I grab a plate and start digging in…… and then it happened…..nothing. WTF? It had no taste! I was sobbing and sobbing after. I knew this might happen. Nothing has taste and nothing I use to like, I like anymore. I use to drink a Coke every now and then…now….nothing. What a bunch of crap! Today was different, this is my heritage, this is my core, this is who I am!!! I am Sicilian and Sicilians eat CANNOLIS. Not this one 😦

Thanks cancer for pissing me off yet again.


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