chemo #2

Well I am tired, so today will be a short post. It started early with the editor Lynn showing up ready to start her article. I went to chemo and it wasn’t as bad as last time. This time they did some numbing lotion on it and it helped greatly. My mom came, I had some visitors and before long it was over:) yeah! Oh and my white blood cells are back to normal … so that’s more good news.

We came back later and I decided today was the day that my hair would go bye-bye. For the past few days it was majorly coming out and I knew it was time. I called my BFF Ashley and got it done once and for all. So, that’s exactly what we did. Lynn stayed so it could be part of the story too. I was nervous, but I felt like it would be leas traumatic than it falling out in huge pieces.

Just like my mastectomy, I am choosing to wait a bit to see it. I’m just not emotionally ready, and it’s best I wait till I am. Ashley also fixed my wig and it looks pretty darn cute.

Overall, not a bad day…. but I am still glad it’s behind me. My church brought us dinner, and my good friend Mary took Sophie for the day. Without all these wonderful people, I don’t think I could get through this. Heading to bed, xoxoxo

Enjoy some fun videos and pics from today 🙂






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