just a crappy day…


Not really much to say. Since my shot I have been to the bed to the bathtub to the bed to the bathtub etc.etc. I can’t get comfortable and I constantly feel like I’m going to barf. I can’t wait till this whole thing is over. 😦 I think some people think I’m alot stronger than I am. I’m actually pretty weak. I just do things just to get them over with as fast as possible and move on.

I did muster up the strength to look just once at the mirror. I closed my eyes, openeded the doors and snapped a photo. I look pretty weird. I told Ashley I didn’t want to see my scalp, and that is what she did. I won’look again for awhile, and use mainly hats. Regardless it had to be done…and it’s another item checked off my list. Now, when it grows back that’s another story. I will do whatever to do to make sure it’s thick and shiny and long 🙂

I’m really thinking hard for something good to end on and it’s not easy. I guess we’ll safe on shampoo, haircuts, and haircare products for the next few months:) So, that’s a good thing.


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