cancer ruins everything.

Well today sucked….period. I watched my husband walk out the door to leave for Chicago. The problem is?????? For the past two years we took this trip together. The first year we went was the first time I had ever left the kids overnight anywhere. So, it was a big deal. Just me, and my hubby and all the fun we could have in 2 1/2 days. It was amazing. Both years we stayed at incredible hotels, ate at the most amazing restaurants… and just spent time with each other.

This is our 11th year of marriage and sometimes after a bit you forget what just the two of you even have in common when kids aren’t involved. This trip every year solidified what I already knew about our marriage, but still it brought us closer. Something this year I will miss 😦

So, yeah I am angry…I am upset…I am pissed. I want to be there. I want everything to just go back to where it was…..and that’s not going to happen, because cancer went and messed everything up.

my positive note: I love you John,
and if I didn’t, I wouldn’t miss you so much.

Enjoy pictures from the last 2 trips to Chicago we took together:











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