just a day….


Today overall was an okay day. I started the day barfing which was no fun (just a fun part of cancer;) and then just hung around the house with my parents and the girls. I am so happy they are here, I’d be lost without them. I wish I had more to blog about, but with almost 10,500 views I feel the need to say something to my fans, lol:)

I’m getting excited about the upcoming article in the paper. I am nervous about what it will say, and what I’ll look like, but I know a lot of good info will be in there too. It should be in the weekend edition of the paper this week. Today for some reason I reflected a lot on my chemo and how I wished I was almost done. I have 2 behind me and go in for the 3rd next Wednesday. I soooo wish it was my 8th and last. I feel as though sometimes I am at a standstill. I so want to get these 8 treatments over with that’s all I think about. It floods my brain most days:(

Tomorrow I go in for my bloodwork and check my white blood cells. Last time it was 1.6 and that is pretty crappy. I also feel like I may be fighting off an iud and that’s not helping either. So, let’s just hope for some high numbers and good news:)

Well, I better head off to bed.

My good note: John I miss you and can’t wait to see you Thursday 🙂

Attached is a video that always makes me laugh when I am down. I filmed it when Sophie was small and also fighting a cold. It’s called “Things that can eat Sophie.”

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