Well today was okay at best. I felt pretty crappy all day from the chemo. I went in for my day after shot (rebuilds white blood cells) and also had an appt. for a check up with my surgeon.

My surgeon suggested that I get a pelvic ultrasound tomorrow to check my ovaries. When I had a PET scan way back after being diagnosed, they noticed a small spot on one ovary. At the time we wern’t going to worry about it, but it’s best to check it out and make sure it’s not cancer or anything else. Prayers needed.

I also wait to hear back about my tumor marker. I pray and pray the number goes down, and it was just the infection that made it spike up. I told the nurses I will never again ask, because I don’t want to know. If the numbers truly do fluctuate , I can’t handle that. I’m too much of a worrier.

Overall, I need a good nights sleep and some good news tomorrow:)

Prayers Please

Just some fun photos I like 🙂 the girls & Peanut




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