Appt 1 done…

So today I have 2 doctors appts. The first is over. I saw my new ob/gyn and had a women’s yearly exam and the Mirena put in. I swear it took an hour to go over my medical history. I need to be a genius to remember all the procedures, and dates etc. She was very nice and caring and kept telling me what a great job I was doing. She also mentioned the possibility of having a baby after chemo and was very much for it. She mentioned if my brca genetic test ever comes back, and is positive we would need to get baby making relatively quick so my ovaries could come out too. She reassured me the baby would be fine even though I had 4 months of chemo. She also mentioned because I had chemo and not radiation I should still be fertile and have eggs left. They warn you during chemo there is a chance they will scramble every last one of them.

Then came the Mirena. The Mirena is an iud and is used to prevent pregnancy. Because I can’t take the pill any longer I need this at least until chemo is over. Well, it hurt like crazy when she put it in. It’s supposed to last 5 years… and boy oh boy it seemed like she was hiding it somewhere they wouldn’t find for 5 years! It was not pleasant… and I am glad it’s done. I go back next week for a check up. She also mentioned going to a genetic counselor that visits the hospital. She had no idea why the insurance wasn’t covering it, and this should be the straw that broke the camels back…. and they would have no reason to cover it. Anyhow that’s update 1. Will update after doctors appt #2. Praying the lump is nothing… Dear Lord hear my prayers!

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