not a great weekend…

So, I knew ahead of time these last few chemos on this new drug would be hard…I just didn’t know how bad. I can tell my white count is low like
normal, but I just feel different…and that must be the low red count ontop of that. The whole weekend was shot to hell. I laid in bed, cried, ached, took baths…and that’s about it. It sucked.

More than anything I would have loved to go out to dinner with my family, or play a game with my girls…but that wasn’t going to happen. My body just couldn’t do it.

As the weeks turn into months I have to remind myself what a toll I am taking
on my body. What hell I am dragging it to and from. This isn’t easy. I am
trying to be strong for myself and my kids and my family…but truth be told, I am running out of steam. I’m not sure how much more I can take 😦

I was also super emotional this weekend. Every single thing would make me burst out in tears…and I have no clue why. I think it’s all just getting to me….and I’m exhausted over it.

Attached is a photo that makes me laugh, and I need a good laugh. Sophie and I at my wig fitting:)


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