Welcome back :( :(

By far, this is the worst part of chemo. It’s hard to explain to everyone, but when you feel good you literally have to rush to do anything and everything while you can. Time is ticking. You want to eat a nice dinner out….see a movie…. go to the spa… GO NOW! Because soon it will end, and it will be another 2 weeks or so till you feel better again… and that sucks!

The night before my last treatment I remember crying about this. I finally felt good, and more like myself…and it was all coming to an end. I’m not sure why this upsets me more now, but it does. I can’t wait till my final treatment and know that I will soon feel better… and STAY better. Yeah! But for now I’m living in the town of Crapville, USA.

Yesterday I felt terrible, and today still
do. My joints ache terribly, I’m sick to my stomach, and my hot flashes are almost unbearable. I have a million things I want to accomplish…. and none will get done 😦

Yesterday I sucked it up for a good cause….my baby girl was graduating preschool:) I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. Even though I just had chemo the day befofe, nothing was stopping me from seeing her in a cap and gown. So I went… and paid the price heavilly for it later. I walked in the door, jumped in the bathtub and didn’t get out for 2 hours! I feel like total crap. But, those moments for me were priceless:

Anyhow, here are some pictures… enjoy:)






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