Praise God! It’s over!

Here are some photos from today:) Deann made these great shirts and also surprised me at the clinic with the girls. They were holding signs and balloons and it was the sweetest thing:) 🙂 My mom and dad also sent me beautiful flowers. A sweet lady named April left me some treats and a lovely card, and an amazing family friend Michelle stopped by with huge bag filled with tons of goodies and gift cards! My nurse navigator Carol (who I adore:) and is one of my best friends stayed with me today too:) John also came by and went to my appt. with me. (so happy to see his face:)

I also got a graduation paper for finishing up chemo!

I am so lucky to have wonderful people around me:)











2 thoughts on “Praise God! It’s over!

  1. Barb Fish May 29, 2013 at 8:02 pm Reply

    Wow – you’d think you were special or something! Love you… Barb

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