Last official appt.

Sorry this is a little late. I’m still recovering from the last chemo and haven’t felt too well. So, this appt. was really important to me. It was the last one that was setup for me for my treatment. I knew I’d still go in once a month or so, but this one was the last OFFICIAL appointment I had. I also wore my “I love My Oncologist” t-shirt and my doctor and nurses totally loved it. My doctor was smiling from ear to ear:)

So, I went with my mom and dad and my uncle Charlie came for support too. My mom, dad, and I went back to talk to my Oncologist and heard nothing but good news. He said he was proud of me and how far I’d come:) I know in my heart he believes, and so do I, that my cancer is indeed gone. But…. I asked for a Pet Scan. The pet scan will show if I have any cancer anywhere in my body. They inject you with dye and you pray to God that nothing shows up.

I remember in January how scared I was to get in that machine. I had just found a lump in my breast, and this big machine was about to tell me just how fast I found it. Did I catch it early on? Or had it been there for months? I was soon about to find out. I remeber laying in the machine reciting “The Serentity Prayer”over and over and over again in my head. “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change.” I was so scared. I never was more scared in my whole life. This big piece of machinery was about to determine my destiny…. and here we are again. I will most likely be just as emotional the second time around. I just want a clean bill of health. I know this test I didn’t really even need to have…. but then again I don’t think I’ll have peace of mind till it’s done. So….we meet again. It is not scheduled yet, but will be soon.

I also found out at my appt. that my chemo port has to be flushed once a month…and I DO NOT WANT that to happen…ever again. It is so painful. So, after my pet scan I will schedule surgery to have it taken out.

Overall it was a good appointment, but there are still some unknowns. I just want to get past this pet scan and really truly start to put this behind me. Overall since chemo I have felt like total crap. My fingers, toes, and most of my feet are numb. I have been really sick to my stomach, and my nerve pain has never been worse. I just want to start feeling better…and hope it happens soon:(

Thank you again to everyone for all the support. I couldn’t do it without you:) Will update more as soon as I know!


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