Lumpectomy Part II -Done

Another day…. another surgery;)

So, almost exactly 1 year to the date I had my 2nd lumpectomy to check for breast cancer. (Jan 10, 2013 & January 9, 2014) Lets hope this one has a different outcome;)

I was scared going in, but not nearly as scared as I thought I would be. Maybe because it felt like I had done this all before… and, it wasn’t “new” to me anymore. The kids have been off school because of snow all week, so I was actually happy they were home today so they could be with me:)

Surgery went well and I was released pretty quickly after recovery. The immediate feedback seemed pretty good, but we are waiting for the official pathology on Monday or so. Sadly when I was diagnosed last time the needle biopsy before the lumpectomy came back Negative for cancer. Then, after the lumpectomy we had a good feeling by the look, texture etc. of the lump and again…we were wrong. So, this time patience is a virtue;)

I am really trying my hardest to think good thoughts and stay upbeat about the results. I will worry when I need to, but not before.

Thank you to everyone for all the prayers. My family helped me so much today, and I am so lucky. And….all the emails, texts & messages from friends & family was amazing and uplifting. So, thank you💜💜💜

I will update as soon as I know more. Hugs & Kisses


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