T- minus 1 hour

Well, the time as come. This will be my last post before the surgery. I’m not sure if I should be mourning my boobs or what? Do I say goodbye to them, do I wear a low-cut top one last time? lol As a woman, they are part of you…and they are about to go away. In reality I just haven’t been paying attention to them. Maybe if I don’t look, I won’t miss them huh?

All joking aside, I am scared. I keep telling everyone I am tired of having surgery and when i wake up all I have are scars. One of these days I better be recovering from something good! I better be nipped and tucked somewhere:) lol.

So, to my friends and family I love you and thank you for all your support and prayers. I added 2 photos of Sophie and I before I left. My family will also need prayers as we go through this together:) I will beat Cancer!



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