Today Sucks!

That is how I feel. This is a battle everyday, and everyday brings new feelings. I am mad, I am angry, and I am pissed. I don’t feel like I deserve any of this. I am a good person. I go to Church, I love me family, I always lend a hand, I am a nurturer.

Why are all these feelings being brought up you may ask??? Because I am the third youngest person in the ICU right now. Which was maybe suppose to make me feel better…till I asked a question ???

“Are they sick?” “No, one is a drug addict and one is an alcoholic.” I should have known by the young screams I heard in the middle of the night. Just great when I’m trying to sleep!

WTH??? So today I am bitter, and it’s best I stay in my room and have no contact with any roommates. Yesterday I was so upbeat..whatever.

Okay John.. end on a good note??? let me think….wow, today I am really grasping at straws…. okay I have one :

I am thankful I love my family and friends and they haven’t pissed me off yet πŸ™‚

One thought on “Today Sucks!

  1. Pamela Timson January 26, 2013 at 9:46 pm Reply

    Hi, Jen. Anger, bitterness, etc are all normal parts of grief. Let her rip! I’ve even gotten really darn mad at God in the past. His amazing love can handle it. πŸ™‚

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