cancer doc appt.

So I had my weekly appt. with the oncologist today. White blood was at 1.9, so better than I thought. I puked once there and couldn’t wait to get home and get on my jammies again.

I was told all about my next chemo where we switch drugs of Taxol.
It.was.not.good. Lets see I have to take 5 steroids at 7pm the night before chemo, and 5 more at 3am before. Sounds like fun right? Oh and to add to all the fun the Taxol takes 2-3 hours to go into the IV. Lets not forget about the hour of pre meds.

So today was crappy yet again. Keep looking for the silver lining…must need to shine a bit brighter I guess for me to see it. I wanted to give an honest take on cancer…this is as honest as it gets. Cancer sucks…period.

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