So, today was an interesting day. Yesterday I felt pretty good and decided to send my mom home today for rest knowing my next chemo would be tough and she would have to stay longer. Literally hours after she leaves I barf….then go on the deck and barf even more. After hosing off the mess, it caused me to be late get Kaylee from school and feel like a piece of crap. 😦 I apparently can’t function without a full-time caretaker. Part of me is so pissed off. Why can’t I get a break??? Even a day or two of normalcy would go a long way about now. Oh well.

Earlier today I had an appt. with a genetic counselor who gave me an 82% chance of being brac1 or 2 positive. Which means my ovaries have to come out at some point and I am no longer considered “general population” for anything ever again. I learned quite a bit about genetics and how either my mom or dad passed this to me…which means one of their parents passed it to them so on and so forth. What I didn’t realize is the lengths it is passed on. Lets say my mom passed it to me there is a 50% chance she would then pass it to my brother, which could be passed to his kids and their kids etc. and this is how it goes. It also means my mom or dad is positive and that has its own problems. My mom is at a very high risk of breast and ovarian cancer, and my dad at a much higher risk or prostate cancer etc. The problem is we don’t know which one. So, it was a lot to take in at once. Both my girls have a 50% chance of being positive as well, and don’t get me started on my feelings towards that. The counselor listed all the things they would have to deal with and it was lengthy. I pray to God I am negative and all this gets wiped away. She said then the reason for my cancer would be “unknown” because I am triple negative.

Overall it was a long exhausting day. Ready to feel better and have a good weekend:) From my mouth to Gods ears.

Here is a photo of Sophie before her preschool graduation photos today. My babies are growing up:(

Here is also a picture of the street sign of the street I grew up on. A tornado hit it yesterday and was very sad:( It’s all over the news and is depressing to watch.

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