:( Sad face = how I’m feeling

Time to complain:

Somedays I am perfectly fine, and other days I am pissed the whole day. I am so tired of all this. Tired of cancer…tired of laying in bed…tired of pain….tired of damn near everything. I keep feeling I take two steps forward and one step back:(

More recently, I’m even upset about my hair. This whole time….months and months of no hair, and just now I feel vulnerable about it. I find myself starring at people with hair. Even getting a bit pissy when a shampoo commercial comes on;) I don’t have a single hair on my face and it is REALLY annoying! I am wearing the biggest glasses I have, and it still doesn’t seem to cover up my face nearly enough.

So, my self esteem is down, and I’m a total disaster. What’s new. Somedays I want to cry all day, and this just seems to be one of them. I hate cancer, I hate what it has done to my body, done to my life, done to my self esteem… and damn near everything else possible. Overall I guess I am just tired….tired of all of it.

That’s it, I have nothing positive to say today.

This is the only photo that I have to show how I’m feeling


2 thoughts on “:( Sad face = how I’m feeling

  1. Kristen July 17, 2013 at 5:06 pm Reply

    just think, you are one step closer to putting this all behind you. Port is out….no more chemo. TT is gone. Hair will start growing soon. Life will move on and you will not have to face this every day. YOU GOT THIS! Just breathe…..Breathe IN the Future and Breathe OUT the PAST!

    • jenrd1012 July 17, 2013 at 5:10 pm Reply

      Thanks:) You are right. Somedays are just tough and I feel overwhelmed. You are a great friend:) love you:)

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