Time for a birthday celebration:)

A Celebration:

So, this weekend was fun:) and exhausting! We celebrated Sophie’s 5th birthday with a water slide party. It was so darn hot, it worked perfectly. I also talked to Kaylee and let her invite a friend as
well. In February (her birthday) I was still at the begining stage of my cancer and I couldn’t do a whole lot for her. She had a sleep over at my in-laws, but I couldn’t really be a part of it. So, this celebration was for both girls:) They had such a great time and it went perfectly.

I also, looked around at our friends and family who were there and realized how lucky we are. These people are all like family to us now, and stepped up so much while I was sick.

I haven’t mentioned it, and didn’t really want to…but my heart has been heavy for a long time. Besides my husband, and of course my mom, I haven’t had that many Best Friends in my lifetime. I had one in High School (long story;) and met another when I first moved to Rolla. Sadly, shortly after chemo started… she never contacted me again. Honestly, it broke my heart. It’s taken me awhile to move past this, but slowly I am.

I remeber quite vividly the day I was diagnosed. I was a mess. I texted and called the ones close to me… and one person in particular really stood out for me. Mary & I were good friends, but that day I needed more…and she was there. An hour after I talked to her…and we cried together….she was on my front porch hugging me. Willing to use every resource she knew of to help me in some way. She dropped everything to be by my side and comfort me. She and her entire family reached out to me. They all became like family to me, and love each one dearly. Her and her son were here to celebrate with us this weekend and I loved having them here:) She is what Best Friends should thrive to be.

I also never thought that Sophies preschool teacher would become such an important part of our lives too. From the moment I got sick Deeann has texted me almost everyday asking what she can do to help. Every surgery, not just the mastectomy…. she was there. I had surgery this week and she immediately set out to help me with it in any way possible. She knew Sophies party was coming up and it would be hard on me. She is a loving and caring person and I am so lucky to have her and her husband be a part of our lives. My girls love her, and so do I. She too is the definition of a Best Friend.

I have made so many new friends this year. I have mentioned just 2, but there are so many more who have stepped up to help me. I will never ever forget that. I also have so much more knowledge on how to be a friend to others. These people have changed my life forever.

I know that I can sit and be sad for what I have lost…but I’m not going to. This year showed me just how fragile life is. I know in my heart I am a good person. I would be there for them every step of the way if life handed them something unimaginable.

When you get sick your whole life changes. You ask yourself everyday “why me?” But…..then I think of all the people that I wouldn’t be close to if it wern’t for cancer. In my heart I’m not sure I’d go back and change a single thing. I have wonderful true friends, an amazing family and feel like I’m the luckiest girl on Earth.

I was able to spend so much time with my mom while she was here, (I miss her terribly) make amazing friends, enjoy my family….and so much more. I know God has a path for me, and always has. I just have to trust in Him. 🙂

Enjoy some party pics!






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