Back home..

Well, I am back home:) Glad to be back home, but had a great time getting away for a few days. I always have fun at my parents house, and I can sure get use to my dad taking care of me. He bends over backwards to get me stuff and make sure I’m good… and a girl can get use to that 🙂

Now, I am back home and back to reality. My mom is with me for a few days as my white blood cells are on their way back down. She has to stay to help with the girls because when my white blood cells go down I have a hard time doing a lot of stuff…but mainly taking care of the kids. I’m lucky she is so nice to do everything she has:) I would be lost without her here. Love you mom:)

Tomorrow I go back to the doctor for my weekly blood work. This is usually the time when Doc says “Jen your white count is down, don’t go anywhere.” 😉 And I do exactly what he says and stay home. This weekend is Easter and I have every intention of going to church for the first time since chemo started. I miss my family there, and it will be good to see them.
Hopefully I will feel good and I can go because I am looking forward to it. I also get to wear my wig for the first time….should be interesting;)

Overall I feel okay. Still nervous about the tumor marker going up and trying not to think about it. I just want all this over with as soon as possible and don’t want anything to stand in my way. I’m feeling the effects of chemo and it’s starting to take a tole on me emotionally and physically. My skin is darkening up and blotching in spots and no one is sure why. It bugs me, and is just another reason I can’t wait for chemo to be over! I feel like it never will 😦 I’m glad to be back home and see John and get back to a routine. The kids are on Spring Break and it will be nice to see them and hopefully they won’t drive me crazy;) lol

On a side note, I’ve been dealing with my baldness better. My mom and dads was a real eye opener. They have all mirrored bedroom doors and it seemed like every time I turned around I was looking at my big bald head in a mirror. I feel better being home and having just the one mirror with doors. It took a few days at my parents to get use to myself… but I eventually did.

Enjoy photos of the snow at my parents house (14 inches of snow) and some pics of the effects of chemo. 😦





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